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Guinness Refuses to Grant World Record for 1,000 Man Shoot

Really?! But this is cool and doesn’t just happen every day…

Recently, Henry Repeating Arms, together with the NRA, orchestrated a simultaneous firing of 1,000 .22 caliber rifles. The event was intended to break the world record for simultaneous shooting, and it would have been a success, if not for Guinness World Records. After the 1,000 Man Shoot (yes, women shooters were welcome, too!), the organization released the following statement:

Guinness World Records does not monitor mass participation records that, each time the record is broken, increase the danger posed to the general public or environment. As the activity proposed by the NRA is not one we feel can be safely monitored on a global basis, we unfortunately are unable to recognize it as a record.

About The Rifle

The Henry Golden Boy Silver rifle in .22 LR is configured with octagon barrels, American walnut stocks, and fully adjustable Marbles semi-buck horn sights. This beauty features a mirror-bright nickeled receiver cover you can shave in, matching barrel band and butt plate, and a gleam that’ll get you noticed anywhere you shoot. The Henry Golden Boy Silver for the 1000 Man Shoot comes custom with a 1000 Man Shoot commemorative logo and Allen case, making it one of a kind, or at least one of a thousand.

Henry Arms

Henry Repeating Arms donated the 1,000 custom-engraved Henry Golden Boy Silver rifles and accessories, embellished with The Henry 1,000 Man Shoot logo. Proceeds from the donation are expected to raise over $1,000,000 to benefit the National Rifle Association.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms conceived the event, explaining, “It’s no coincidence this event happens just a week after the Presidential Election. Whether we get a President that supports the Second Amendment, or one that does not, we should never be asleep at the wheel and must continue to fight for our freedoms. This event is all about showing a sense of patriotism, community, and camaraderie. Plus, we can all come together and have some fun.

Of course, it is always difficult to judge a true record. I’m sure Guinness will receive more submissions along these lines in the future. With all of today’s shooting sports, I’m sure there will be increased pressure for acceptance.

Whether or not Guinness’ decision not to recognize the record was politically motivated, NRA, Henry Repeating Arms, and the attendees of the 1,000 Man Shoot deserve to have their achievement validated. For those who would like to urge Guinness to recognize this historic achievement, the record-keeping organization can be reached by form email or by telephone at (718) 513-7270.


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Guinness Refuses to Grant World Record for 1,000 Man Shoot