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The Idiot's Guide to Tipping on Your Guided Hunting or Fishing Trip

It is not always clear when or how much to tip an adventure service provider. These tips will help. 

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Most sportsmen realize that hunting and fishing guides work in the service industry, most even know that tipping is somewhat customary. But that seems about all that is obvious to most people. We get a lot of questions about tipping etiquette so hopefully we can clear up some confusion.

There is a general rule of at least 8-10%, but that wont apply to every single situation.

Remember that guides work harder than what you see, there is a lot of prep before you show up and also clean up and maintenance after you leave. An 8 hour adventure might be a 10-12 hour commitment for the guide.

Below are some tip tips, or a guide tipping guide. (Puns intended)

Tips for hunting and fishing guides

Generally, as a starting point, consider tipping your guide 10% of the trip cost.

If the guide went above and beyond it wouldn't be unusual to increase your tip to 15% or even 20%.

For multi-day trips 10-20% might be too high; it is always ok to ask what a customary tip would be.

Regardless of the trip length, if the guide gets you a world class trophy or checks off something major on your bucket list you should really consider what that experience was worth. Guides are always working hard, but when they can deliver something special they deserve that extra recognition.

A tip is NOT required, although less than 10% can indicate dissatisfaction.

If you aren't sure if you should tip you can always ask the guide if most clients leave a tip.

Tip based on what the guide can control, don't withhold a tip because of things that are out of their hands (like weather).

If your trip includes cooks, hands, or other support staff it is customary to tip them as well. Consider $10-$15 a day. You can also ask the trip organizer or head guide what a customary tip would be for the support staff.

When on an international adventure you should ask what currency is preferred, but often they prefer USD.

Plan ahead for tips and bring enough cash, you may not be able to easily hit up an ATM.

Great gifts, beyond a tip, include a decorative knife, a piece of your kit that was admired, a favorite spirit, or meal in a nice restaurant.

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The Idiot's Guide to Tipping on Your Guided Hunting or Fishing Trip