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The Guide Gear Pursuit II Boots Will Change Your Next Hunting Season

When it comes to anything outdoors, footwear is always a top priority. The Guide Gear Pursuit II boots tackle every hunting obstacle.

When you’re hunting, your ability to reach certain destinations is completely dependent upon your shoes. A poor pair of boots can limit your range of travel as well as your time out in the woods. There’s nothing worse than cold or sore feet, so having a pair of comfortable, well-insulated boots is a must.

The Guide Gear Pursuit II boots come in a number of different shapes and sizes, all with a different purpose. Here are few options:

Pursuit II 9-inch

The 9-inch boots are good for those partaking in your average hunt. These boots can handle just about anything, but aren’t overkill for the guy who isn’t going to walk as far.

You can buy them with 800-gram or 400-gram Thinsulate Insulation, depending on how warm you need them to be. They also come in a non-insulated model for those hunting in warmer areas.

They do a nice job or repelling moisture with their 100-percent-waterproof Guide Dry lining and their aggressive rubber outsoles. These boots will get any job done.

Pursuit II 16-inch

For the guys truly roughing it, 16 inches is all you’d ever need for support. They’ll keep you warm and dry from the knee down, with the same comfort and quality of the 9-inch option.

Despite being 16 inches tall, they’re extremely easy to put on with their side zipper, meaning you just leave them tied. These boots are available with 800-gram Thinsulate or no insulation at all for those looking for a pair of rugged snake boots.


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The Guide Gear Pursuit II Boots Will Change Your Next Hunting Season