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Fishing the Guadalupe River in Texas

Need an easy bass fishing fix in Central Texas? Try the Guadalupe River.

There are tons of opportunities along this vibrant and alive river, including fly fishing, topwater and live bait spin reel fishing. There are so many access points along the water, and it is almost always guaranteed to be a good time for everyone.

The Guadalupe River is known for its clear water conditions and plethora of bass and rainbow trout, especially during this time of the year when it’s warm but not too hot in the mornings and evenings. Popular flies for fly fishing include mayflies, caddis and midges.

The Guadalupe River is a great place for fly fishing because there is lots of space to spread out if you are with a group of anglers, and healthy waters for spotting fish.

It is recommended to use a nine foot leader and 5x tippet. The best fly rod would have to be a 9’5 weight, so anywhere around that would be a great choice.

Below is a map provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife that shows excellent access points to the river:

The 4th crossing down to the 2nd crossing is the most popular place to fish for bass and trout (Photo via TPWD)

Have you had success on the Guadalupe River? Is it on your wish list? Let us know in the comments.

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Fishing the Guadalupe River in Texas