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Grueling Lion vs. Buffalo Battle Shows Nature’s Brutality [PICS]

A desperate lion attacks an adult buffalo in Zambia. Neither beast wins in this brutal battle. 

African wildlife conjures up many different scenes in people’s minds. Some think of Hollywood representations while others think of great hunting safaris. No matter what we think, the reality is that nature is primal and brutal where animals must fight to survive.

Amateur photographer Matt Armstrong-Ford happened to be in the right place (South Luangwa National Park, Zambia) at the right time to capture these epic photos. The lone lion, detached from his pride and afflicted with mange, goes after a female buffalo. What ensues is a dragged-out, bloody battle with no victor.

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Eventually, the buffalo’s herd steps in to aid the torn up female and the exhausted lion gives up. Estimated to be six years old (very old for wild lions) this lion was likely close to starvation when he decided to go after one last feast. The lion died days after this battle and the buffalo succumbed to her infections and died two weeks later.

Just another day in Africa.

All photos ©Matt Armstrong-Ford

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Grueling Lion vs. Buffalo Battle Shows Nature’s Brutality [PICS]