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Grouper Attacks Spearfisherman, Steals Speargun [VIDEO]

At this point, it’s fair to say that Goliath Groupers are actively trying to annoy us.

We have no words. Goliath grouper are a menace, obviously. We’ve featured many videos of the massive fish stealing catches, ramming boats, and just generally being annoying, but this one feels a little personal.

In this alarming video, (sorry about the Skrillex soundtrack, by the way, we just watched it on mute) veteran “shark diver and spearfisherman” Nico Lentile is diving the M/V Castor shipwreck in Florida, and has a close encounter of the grouper kind.

He’s spearfishing with a dangling fish as bait, when a grouper sneaks in and grabs it, taking Nico, and his speargun for a ride.

Another grouper swoops in for an attack, making matters worse, and our poor veteran shark-diver is forced to bid goodbye to his speargun, and swim back with only some crazy footage to show for it.

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Groupers don’t ever eat people, but are apparently pretty territorial, and tend to be annoying when threatened.

Which would be fine, if they weren’t up to 16 feet long and didn’t weight up to 700 pounds.

We hope Nico got his speargun back eventually, but we doubt it.

So now the groupers are armed. Great.

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Grouper Attacks Spearfisherman, Steals Speargun [VIDEO]