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Group Catches Huge 14-foot Tiger Shark Near Edisto Island in Tournament

tiger shark
South Carolina Sportsmen

Team barely misses out on winning tournament after catching 1,100-pound tiger shark.

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 Edisto Island in South Carolina held their annual shark fishing tournament. Frampton Ferguson won the tournament with his crew after capturing a 482-pound tiger shark. What would have been the real winners of the tournament came in to the dock too late with a shark almost three times the size of theirs.

Captain Cal Young and the crew of his boat, the Cold Beer, were fishing nearly 20 miles off the coast of Edisto Island when they hooked into a massive tiger shark. After fighting the beast for nearly two hours they finally got it alongside the boat. The shark was nearly 14 feet long and weighed in at an astonishing 1,130 pounds.

With only two hours left before check-in at the docks, they tried feverishly to haul the shark onto their 25-foot vessel. With nothing on board to lift a shark that large, they instead decided to push their luck and tow the shark back to shore.

“It was slow going, and we tried several times to get her on board, but it just wasn’t going to happen,” Young told South Carolina Sportsmen. “We could only make about 4 knots, and that was going to be too late.”

After finally making it back to land, they went on and had their prize shark processed only to get a big surprise as to where some of the tiger shark’s weight came from.

“We found an entire 100-pound logger head turtle inside the fish’s stomach,” Young said.

They thought they may have at least broken a record for the state of South Carolina with the shark, but they were still about 500 pounds shy.

The current record is still held by Walter Maxwell who landed a 1,780-pound tiger shark in 1964 off a pier in Myrtle Beach. It was also the world record for the biggest one ever caught on normal tackle.

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Group Catches Huge 14-foot Tiger Shark Near Edisto Island in Tournament