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Groundhog Hunting with a .308 and a .22-250 Rifle [VIDEO]

Summer means it’s time to go groundhog hunting!

It’s easier to target these destructive pests during the hot summer months.

Watch the .22-250 and .308 rifle do their work in the field.

Groundhog hunting is best at long range, with very accurate rifles. These clever pests will never know you are there.

Farmers are under siege by these digging, voracious menaces, so hunters play an important role in environmental management. A heavy groundhog harvest equals happy hunters and even happier farmers.

This video showcases some expert shooting with a .308 caliber rifle and a .22-250 caliber rifle.

Try them out next time you need to rid your land of groundhogs.

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Groundhog Hunting with a .308 and a .22-250 Rifle [VIDEO]