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Groovy Burrowing Owl Dance Off Filmed on GoPro [VIDEO]

It’s a burrowing owl dance off, and you’ve got a front row seat to the action. Get your groove on, birds!

Who doesn’t love a good owl dance off? Watch as these two burrowing owls strut their stuff.

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz films this owl dance off in a front lawn on the GoPro Hero3+.


This owl dance off was pretty one-sided, it looked like the bird on the left had some great moves, while the other just seemed to be slightly bobbing its head. But maybe it just didn’t like the music.

Wildlife is all around, and it’s just asking to be filmed. So next time you’re heading into town set up a GoPro near a bird feeder, or by some bushes you know deer are fond of, you never know what you might capture. The next owl dance off is in your capable hands.

Burrowing owls are smaller owls that reside in the open landscapes of North America and South America. They’re typically found in grasslands and rangelands.

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Groovy Burrowing Owl Dance Off Filmed on GoPro [VIDEO]