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Grizzly Smashes ‘Bear Proof’ Glass at Minnesota Zoo [VIDEO]

When a grizzly bear smashes “bear proof” glass at the zoo, you reevaluate the term “bear proof.”

A grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley found a tool that could aid in his escape; a 50-pound rock that he found at the bottom of the pool.

The bear was seen repeatedly smashing the rock against the window, shattering one of the exhibit’s five layers of glass while zoo guests stood on the other side.

Animal Collection Manager Tony Fisher claims to have removed any large objects from the Grizzly Coast Exhibit. Though the bear was able to shatter the glass, no animals or zoo guests were harmed.

Robin Ficker, a zoo guest visiting from Maryland, witnessed the whole thing and explained the event to MPR News:

The three bears, they were cavorting in the pool and wrestling and fighting, and then all of the sudden one of these huge half ton bears picked up a very large rock — I would say it was at least 50 pounds — and did a chest pass, just like Wes Unseld used to to do, right into the glass.

Ficker claims that the glass cracked after only the first time it hit the glass. After the bear continued to throw the very large rock at the glass, Ficker was convinced that the glass would break and the bears would be coming out of their secured area.

The bears were all moved out of the open-aired exhibit while a temporary fix was set in place. Fisher claims that a more permanent panel will be installed, but the exhibit will be closed until then.

Though none of the zoo employees are certain which of the three bears caused such a rucus, they believe that it was Kanai, the grizzly that they describe as ‘playful’ and ‘clownish.’

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Grizzly Smashes ‘Bear Proof’ Glass at Minnesota Zoo [VIDEO]