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Grizzly Bear vs. Caribou: There Can Be Only One Ending

Is this mama grizzly bear just protecting her cubs from the horns of the caribou, or does she have another plan?

This mama bear and this caribou are about to go to the mats and there’s no stopping it.

In nature there is a predator/prey relationship and this is just another example. The question is, can even a large grizzly bear get around those massive antlers without suffering a deadly wound?

Here’s your answer:

It’s hard to tell if the caribou is male or female since both grow antlers and amazing that even a full-grown grizzly could get around those horns without suffering from some kind of heinous injury, and who’s saying she didn’t?

Obviously the best way for a bear to protect her cubs is to feed them. Could the caribou have run away? It’s unknown if it had some kind of injury, but even thought the bear hesitated it chose to stand and fight. Grizzly 1 Caribou 0

Nature happens whether we are there to see it or not. For millions of years animals lives and died in the great outdoors and the humans that witnessed it could only watch.

Once we could get on it film the scientists and researchers of the world could study it and have another way of understanding this most basic relationship in the natural world.


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Grizzly Bear vs. Caribou: There Can Be Only One Ending