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Grizzly Bear Turned Photographer [VIDEO]

Now for the “grizzly bear turned photographer” video. 

A couple weeks ago we brought you the image of a grizzly bear turned photographer. The photo was snapped by Jim Lawrence in British Columbia, Canada. Lawrence was stationed at a river outside of Revelstoke with fellow photographer Heidi Henke and videographer Diane Ethier.

The “grizzly bear turned photographer,” which they named Harry, was investigating Lawrence’s camera and luckily Ethier was filming.

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As you can see from the video, the now famous photo of the “grizzly bear turned photographer” is completely real, not photoshopped, and this amazing footage gives us even more insight into the world of grizzly bears.

He goes to inspect the tripod and the camera, standing up on his haunches to sniff the lens. He then gets his paw stuck in the strap and the camera flips down, startling Mr. Harry. He skips back and looks around at Jim and the others filming him and taking pictures.

I’m sure Harry got a bit camera shy and that’s when he went back into the woods.

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Grizzly Bear Turned Photographer [VIDEO]