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Is This Grizzly Bear Scratching Its Back or Pole Dancing? [VIDEO]

We’ve all seen a grizzly bear scratching their back on funny objects, but unbeknownst to this bear, he is practicing for a new profession.

Bears are known to do some pretty embarrassing things, only to get laughed at by the entire audience of a late night TV show.

This bear may not be embarrassed at all about his newfound skill, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

This cheeky bear thought he could get away with a quick pole dance while nobody was watching. But fortunately Michael Ethridge was on hand with his mobile phone to catch the adult grizzly in all its glory. The bear’s rhythmic motion made it look like it would be more comfortable in a strip club – but it may have just been having a good scratch.

The bear may have been harmlessly scratching its back on the most convenient thing it could find, but it sure gave us a good laugh.

“Dance like nobody’s watching;” that’s my motto, and it seems to be this bear’s too!

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Is This Grizzly Bear Scratching Its Back or Pole Dancing? [VIDEO]