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Grizzly Bear Hunting Elk Displays Impressive Speed [VIDEO]


A mother grizzly bear hunting elk for her cubs shows exactly why you can't outrun a bear.

Everyone has heard the advice of playing dead if being attacked by a grizzly bear. Supposedly the bear will lose interest in a 'dead' victim and will wander off. Playing dead while being chewed on by a grizzly sounds pretty hard. However, this video goes to show that trying to outrun one is an even worse idea.

Bears generally eat fruit, vegetation, and game that is easy to catch. However, the large predators also occasionally go after big game like deer or elk. The grizzly bear hunting elk in this video shows just how effective of a predator bears truly are.

This video was captured via helicopter in Yellowstone National Park. The elk calf being chased by the bear looks like it might have escaped had it simply run in a straight line. Instead it ran in a zigzag pattern that ultimately led to its demise.

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The grizzly bear's cubs soon appear to chow down on the meal that mom provided for them. The circle of life is a truly remarkable thing to witness.

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Grizzly Bear Hunting Elk Displays Impressive Speed [VIDEO]