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Grizzly Bear Cubs Can’t Catch Dinner Without Momma Bear’s Help

Daily Mail/Xen Riggs

Every once in awhile, a photographer catches a truly heartwarming moment between animal parents and offspring. 

These images, taken in Alaska’s Katami National Park and Reserve, show a pair of bewildered young grizzly bear cubs that just can’t manage to catch their own dinner, even with all those beautiful salmon swimming around them.

Soaking wet, he keeps trying to nail one of these salmon he’s staring at longingly.


And can’t quite seem to grasp them with his teeny (okay, not teeny) paws.

Luckily, mother bear is nearby to help show him and his sibling the right way to snag dinner.


Finally, giving them a shot to try what they’ve learned.


“Come on, honey bunch, you can do it! Claws out and down!”

The little grizzly bear cubs are eternally grateful, and warmly cozy up to mom with full bellies for a snuggle.

Was this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m in a puddle on the floor. The animal kingdom is truly a majestic place. One more? Absolutely.


Maybe you should call your own mom, just to say thank you for all the ways she’s helped you growing up. You don’t have to tell her it was inspired by bears, I promise.

All images via Daily Mail via Xen Riggs.

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Grizzly Bear Cubs Can’t Catch Dinner Without Momma Bear’s Help