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CAUTION: Grizzly Bear Cub Training in Progress [VIDEO]

Grizzly Bear cub training

If you’ve ever wondered how bears learn the survival skills they need, you need to see this grizzly bear cub training in progress.

Grizzly bears are known to be one of the most aggressive bears in the wild and have the distinction of being the largest land predator on earth.

But how do they go from being small, gentle bear cubs to the full grown aggressive predators? Grizzly bear cub training, of course.

This video was shot in Katmai National Park & Preserve in King Salmon, Alaska and shows just one of the many ways in which a mother grizzly teaches her young the ways of the world.

And to top the great quality of this video, it was actually shot from a bear viewing platform offered at Brooks Camp in the park. Viewing platforms like these not only keep those who want to watch and film bears safe, but also help to ensure that the humans don’t have a big effect on the behavior of the bears.

This ensures that things like grizzly bear cub training can continue for many years to come.

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CAUTION: Grizzly Bear Cub Training in Progress [VIDEO]