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Grizzly Bear Charges Mountain Bikers [VIDEO]

If a mother grizzly bear charges you while you're mountain biking through the woods, what do you do?

The Canadian man in this video attempted a quick getaway on his bike.

Brad Paras was biking with his cousin Dan England last fall through the Jasper National Park in Alberta when he spotted a grizzly bear charging him from uphill. Paras let out an "Oh Sh--t!" pointed his bike down the steep slope off the trail and attempted a getaway, but wobbled out of control for about 50 feet and hit a tree.

While he was climbing back to the trail, England stopped in the middle of the trail and pulled out some bear pepper spray. Paras described what happened next.

"When Dan arrived on the scene, he created a distraction, which drew the bear to him. He managed to grab the bear spray from his bag in time to brace himself, but the bear stopped approximately 10 meters from him - just outside the spray's effective range. Frankly, I'm glad we didn't have to injure the mother in any way."

Paras captured most of the incident with a GoPro camera he had mounted on his helmet.

They both walked their bikes out of the park.

Have you ever been charged by a bear? Let us know your story in the comments. 

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Grizzly Bear Charges Mountain Bikers [VIDEO]