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Grizzly Bear Attempts to Outrun Car, Pretty Much Succeeds [VIDEO]

A giant grizzly bear runs at pace with a speeding car in this incredible footage out of Alaska.

A passenger of a car driving about 30 mph on Dead Man’s Curve in Kodiak filmed this giant grizzly as it galloped alongside them.

It’s not clear what spurred the bear to run so fast. Maybe he was late for an important meeting, or took the speeding automobile as a personal challenge. Maybe he just didn’t like being stalked by the bear paparazzi, especially since they were filming him with vertical video.

Either way, if you you had any delusions that you could outrun a angry grizzly bear, this video should put that idea to rest.

After all, as this proves, grizzlies can run at the speed of racehorses for short distances, so if they really wanted to catch you, they wouldn’t have much trouble. Bears do have relatively low endurance, which I assume is the only reason we don’t get to watch bear races instead of horses every spring.

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Grizzly Bear Attempts to Outrun Car, Pretty Much Succeeds [VIDEO]