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Montana Grizzlies Looking to Return Home to the Prairies

Grizzly bears who historically roamed eastern Montana prairies are starting to return home thanks to greatly improved numbers.

State and federal conservation efforts to restore grizzly populations are now paying off. The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks are now reporting that the big bruins are beginning to reappear in regions of the state it once occupied before their numbers began to fall.

Since the further east these awesome bears move, the closer they come to more and more private land, the MFWP is working with landowners to prevent bear/human conflicts.

The MFWP said in the comment section, “The bear in the beginning is a young male grizzly bear. Just from the video you can see some of the standard markers … dish-shaped nose and short, round ears. Grizzly bears and black bears are the only species found in Montana.”

With grizzlies doing so well in Montana and other areas, it’s inevitable that they will roam- especially younger bears like the one in the video. With this in mind it’s a must to remember the rules for avoiding bear/human clashes.

Since young bears like these are trying to survive on their own for the first time it’s imperative to keep garbage, pet food, and livestock feed out of the way of hungry bruins. With populations on the rebound and rising states like Montana will be considering big game hunts in the future!



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Montana Grizzlies Looking to Return Home to the Prairies