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Grip Your AR-15 Like a Boss with These Hogue Grips

hogue grips

You’ll honestly never look at another AR grip the same. These Hogue grips are the real deal.

In the shooting sports and tactical world, people get real personal real quick when it comes to the grips that they outfit their weapon with, and for good reason. A good grip on a weapon can be the difference between life and death or a perfect score, so it’s always worth it to be 100% happy with your AR grip.

Check out the G-10 Extreme Series from Hogue; it’s incredible.

Whether you’re putting plans together to build a new AR-15 or you’re just looking to upgrade your existing platform, the Extreme Series from Hogue will give you the feel that you’re looking for. Made from seriously rugged woven fiberglass with an epoxy resin, this series is available in a variety of grip patterns to suit whatever grip you’re looking to shoot. Much like Hogue’s pistol grips, the G10 Extreme is also produced in several different colors to match your rifle’s pattern.

Don’t worry about having to replace these, ever, because Hogue’s Extreme Series is built “for a lifetime of use.”

Great job on these, Team Hogue!


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Grip Your AR-15 Like a Boss with These Hogue Grips