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How to Grip a Pistol with Bob Vogel [VIDEO]

Get a grip...on your pistol anyway.

Being told to get a grip has never been more important than the way you grip your pistol. Next to sight alignment and trigger control, a proper grip can help to make or break your shot. Many malfunctions can be attributed to your grip as well. If you limp-wrist your grip, for example, you can cause many semiauto handguns to misfeed or jam. A stable and proper grip is important.

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In this video from Panteao Productions, champion shooter Bob Vogel takes some time to break down how to grip a pistol and shares his grip style he uses in competition.


As you can see, Bob has a unique way of gripping his pistols.

What he says is true though, about a high hand hold on the gun. The more of the gun you hold, the better recoil management and the more accurate your shots. Next time you have a dry fire or live fire session, pay attention to your grip. Maybe even try the one Bob suggests in the video. It could make a world of difference in your shooting.

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How to Grip a Pistol with Bob Vogel [VIDEO]