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When ‘Grip N’ Grins’ Go Wrong [PICS]

Twitter/Lords of the Fly

You have one chance at the hero shot of your trophy. Here’s what happens when ‘grip n’ grins’ go wrong.

We have all done it. Some of us just keep these photos private so they don’t become stuff of legend after several drinks have been served at the fishing cabin on vacation.

Grip n’ grins are as much as a part of fishing as fishing is a part of us. The only problem is sometimes these photos just don’t work out the way they are supposed to.

This probably would have been a good picture but…

Facebook/Fly Lords


 Maybe this trout just wanted a better look?

The Current Seam


What a special moment.

Damn Cool Pictures


He may be overthinking this.

Instawebgram/Fish Flop Fridays


Who says a pocket isn’t a good place to keep a fish?

Travel Tex 


Apparently trout aren’t good at the “handoff.”

Icono Square/@Big Trout Bum


It takes a lot of concentration to make a pike levitate.  

Instagram/Andrews Gaggi


He looks so sad! I hope things got better after this photo!



I’m surprised too! I didn’t think fish that small could fly either.

Instagram/V Attractions


She looks less than enthused.

Villa Sinclair

Well, after all that, I hope we feel a little better about the good grip n’ grins that the fishing gods have granted us. Here’s to a great 2015, and may all your future grip n’ grins be great.

(That should be a toast or something.)

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When ‘Grip N’ Grins’ Go Wrong [PICS]