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Grilled Venison: Tips From the Pros

Before your next meal of grilled venison, take the time to watch this start to finish guide from a expert on the subject of cooking wild game.

If you are like many hunters out there, half of the enjoyment of the hunt is the table fare you bring home. Deer, elk, geese, bear, ducks, turkeys, and everything else we hunt not only provides us with a great hunting experience, but helps to nourish our bodies with the healthiest meat we can lay our hands on.

Although wild game is healthy and delicious, it does take a bit of know-how to draw out the full flavor and goodness of the meat. Venison is one example of meat that needs a little extra care for best results.

Watch this video put out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife about how to prepare, season, and cook grilled venison.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Grilled venison is personally one my favorite meals, and one we enjoy frequently.

There is one key point worth highlighting from the video. As many hunters know the removal of the silver skin and other tissue is an important step to improve the taste and texture of venison. Simply put; if it isn't red meat it should be removed before cooking. You can either perform this chore after your meat has thawed or while processing your deer. It takes a sharp knife and a bit of extra time, but does wonders to the taste and texture.

With fall fast approaching save this grilled venison recipe to try after bringing down your deer this season. If handled properly, venison is one of the tastiest meats that you'll ever enjoy.

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Grilled Venison: Tips From the Pros