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Why You Should Consider the Griffin Armament Blast Shield

Blast shields. This is why you need them and why your friends will love you for it.

Your teammates don't like hot gases blown at them while you're going down range. If you have ever stood near or walked to the lateral limits of anyone engaging a target, you definitely understand why the blast shield is perfect for protecting your friends.

The brake redirects any blast that was going out to the sides are now being redirected forward. This helps protect your partners by not blowing a disorienting sound or some hot gasses while they are trying to stay focused as well.

The blast shield works with Griffin Armament muzzle brakes and also is compatible with the suppressor systems that Griffin is releasing as well. The Blast Shield works on both long rifles and AR 15 pistol type platforms. The blast shield is especially useful on the shorter-barreled weapons as the cartridge was designed to fire out of a much longer barrel and can cause some serious muzzle blast noise and heat.

The shield comes in about above the $100 price point. Shooters should entertain this device if they will be working in small quarters in which their partners and teammates will be firing their weapons within close proximity. The attachment works both indoors and outdoors and can be very beneficial when providing covering fire as troops will be running forward and behind you while trying to reach their next point of cover and concealment.

Made of all steel, the Blast Shield won't bend or warp easily. The best feature of this blast shield is that it is quickly removable with the quick disconnect mount and can be very beneficial when engaging targets in an open field setting. With quick removal you are rapidly able to utilize the muzzle brakes feature that help with controlling recoil and barrel harmonics.

Stay vigilant and always keep training.

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Why You Should Consider the Griffin Armament Blast Shield