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Green with Envy: Fly Fishing the Green River in Utah

Have a look at the unsurpassed trout opportunities when fly fishing the Green River in Utah.

Fly fishing the Green River in Utah is going to put you on one of the great, and not as publicized, trout fisheries of the west.

Take a trip with Spinner Fall Guide Service and mark the Green on your travel maps.

There it is, some great footage of fishing on the Green River and this is the right way to do it. Walk, wade and drift boat your way on sections of the river and you can ensure you hit all the different aspects; from bank wading to the deeper pools in those hard to get areas.

The Green River is a tributary of the Colorado River and the Green River watershed covers a huge portion of Wyoming, Utah and a smaller chunk of Colorado. It flows through some of the most spectacular and wild places in the United States and experiences a little less fishing pressure than more famous western rivers; which is surprising as this river gives up some massive brown trout.

For great access to the Green River and camping have a look at their State Park at this link.



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Green with Envy: Fly Fishing the Green River in Utah