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Think You Could Take on a Bull Shark Like Sam Barrington? Think Again

Sam Barrington is a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers – he’s a big dude. But he says he’s never had a challenge like fighting a 350-pound bull shark before.

Josh Jorgensen of BlacktipH fishing took NFL linebacker Sam Barrington on a little fishing trip. The two hit the water off the coast of Florida for bull shark, and had an amazing trip.

Barrington hooked into a monster bull shark and the big predator gave him all he could handle. Watch the epic battle as Barrington wears down the fish (and gets worn down by the fish!).

“Either I’m going to be good at it, and I’m going to pull that shark up out of the water,” says Barrington, “or this is going to humble me.”

After ten minutes of fighting the beast, Sam says “This ain’t a fish. This is something else. It’s a monster.”

Josh gently teases Sam a bit as he starts to tire from the battle. Barrington rises to the challenge and smiles as he says, “The way I see it, a football game is 60 minutes long, so at least I got 40 more minutes in me.”

Taking abrief moment to catch his breath, he says to Jorgensen, “Hey, I applaud you guys. I’m going to tell y’all that before I even finish.” “It’s hard, right?” says Jorgensen. “It’s more than hard,” answers Sam between breaths. “It’s challenging. 450 pounds is hard. This is a challenge.”

“Okay! Okay! Okay!” shouts Barrington as he brings the shark to the side of the boat.

Barrington takes the bolt cutters and cuts the hook from the shark’s mouth, and makes an excellent, smooth release on the fish.


Reflecting on the battle, he says, “By far one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life from a physical aspect.”

“Rate it, on a scale of one to ten, how hard is that on the physical,” asks Josh.
“Oh it was definitely a ten,” answer Sam. “Because it got to the point where it was…you had to tell your mind to tell your body what to do. That’s how it was…I enjoyed that, man”

As the two recount the day – seeing the sharks, the turtle that came to the surface to feed on the chum(!), the bonita, catching the big bull shark – Sam says, “And then just to see him swim away like that, that was the best thing.” A true sportsman he is.

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Think You Could Take on a Bull Shark Like Sam Barrington? Think Again