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Green Bay Packers Linebacker Catches Huge Goliath Grouper

Green Bay Packers Sam Barrington is back aboard the Blacktip H fishing vessel and this time he’s pitting his strength against that of a goliath grouper.

Sam Barrington, a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers, makes a return trip with Josh Jorgensen of Blacktip H fishing. After catching a monster bull shark, this time Sam is after goliath grouper.

He’s got a crew with him on the small boat and everybody starts off by catching some line peeling bonito. These fish are wicked, putting up one heckuva fight. But Josh Jorgensen has plans for the feisty reel screamers…he’s going to use them as bait to catch Sam a big goliath grouper.

Josh asks Sam about catching the bonitos. “They fought good,” he says. “You know, bonitos are fun, man. It’s fun catching bonitos. It’s a little quick, tough battle. They’re small but they’ll fight you, and I like it.”

So they strapped Sam in, hooked up a bonito and dropped it down to the groupers. One took the bait, but only for a couple seconds before stripping the baitfish from the line. The pool cue rod bent and bounced for a couple seconds and then went dead. “Hey, if y’all only felt how that felt…it felt like car was going down hill, and I was attached to it,” laughs Sam. “I swear to you.”

Next he hooks and catches a big goliath grouper.

“You know, when you compare that to a shark,” assesses Barrington, “it didn’t have as much stamina as a shark but the power was way more intense that a shark, I promise you. That was fun.”

Sam catches a couple more, including one on a handline, and the guys on the boat take their turns catching the mammoth groupers.

Josh asks, “Sam, are you officially tired now.” Sam replies, “Yeah, I’m tired.”

Coming up for Sam Barrington? A Bahamas trip and some tiger shark fishing?

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Green Bay Packers Linebacker Catches Huge Goliath Grouper