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7 of the Greatest Hunting Memes of All Time [PICS]

Get ready for some of the greatest hunting memes that have ever graced the Internet.

Photo via tumblr
Photo via tumblr

Sometimes, laughing at ourselves as hunters or at our sport in general is a therapeutic and stress relieving thing to do.

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Whether you’ve had a rough hunting season or are going stir crazy waiting for the next deer hunt, a batch of good hunting memes may be just what the doctor ordered to cheer you up. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of 10 of our favorite hunting memes. Enjoy, and feel free to share your favorites as well!

Football Buddies 

Photo via arwrath

Once deer hunting season ends, at least we have the football playoffs to keep us occupied. This meme plays off the hunter who faces his hunting withdrawal by watching a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions (spoiler alert: Detroit loses).

There are antlers lying all around, as well as a calm and friendly buck who has made himself comfortable to cheer for his favorite football team. He doesn’t seem particularly concerned that his buddy clearly has a fetish for collection antler racks, but hey, maybe these two have figured out a way to make dysfunction work.

Living the Life 

Photo via memecdn

Treestands are great and functional and all, but they’re rarely the most comfortable place to spend an afternoon. The guy in this photo seems to have figured out a way to have the best of both worlds, enjoying a soak in a steaming hot tub (with a beer within reach!) and shooting at undisclosed objects.

The image is so great that it doesn’t even need words to form the joke.

The Tables Have Turned 

Photo via quickmeme

This one succeeds specifically because of the photograph. The “Today Human, I Hunt You!” exclamation is funny enough, but we’d like to think that a picture of a huge black bear sitting in a treestand would work well with just about any caption, especially since the bear seems a bit confused about how he got up there.

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We’re not sure how this meme hasn’t been replicated more than it has, but we’re big fans of it regardless.

Sweet, Sweet Vengeance 

Photo via tumblr

It’s entirely possible that deer get their revenge for being hunted by purposely getting in the way of the most expensive cars they can find. The young deer in this meme just knows he is going to wreck your Lexus or BMW, and frankly couldn’t be happier about it.

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The language in the caption, that it would “be a shame if something happened to it” (with “it” being the car), has been used throughout the meme creating game.

Good Hiding Place 

Photo via chzbgr

There are plenty of different memes that show deer trying to “conceal” themselves to stay safe. This one, where the buck is standing boldly out in the open with a clump of brush hanging from his antlers, is one of the funniest in that group.

Unsuspecting Hunting Hound 

Photo via

There’s nothing like the look of pure excitement and happiness that strikes a dog’s face when he realizes that he’s going hunting with his master. Or going outside for a walk. Or getting fed. Or getting his belly rubbed.

The truth is, there are a lot of different things that make a dog happy, but going to the vet usually isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, in this meme, that appears to be precisely where this hunting dog is headed. Poor guy.

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures 

Photo via chattablogs

There are incarnations of this meme out there that boast the caption “How to spot a hunter with a DUI conviction,” joking about a hunter who loses his driver’s license and then has to figure out alternative means of transportation for deer harvests.

Frankly though, DUI convictions are no laughing matter, and the picture is almost funnier as a standalone, with no caption to speak of. The sheer ridiculousness of a hunter turned cyclist, transporting a deer on his back, speaks to the sheer determination and resilience that die-hard hunters portray every time they head out into the field. We don’t need to know why this guy doesn’t have a car; we just know that such a fact isn’t going to stop him from hunting.

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7 of the Greatest Hunting Memes of All Time [PICS]