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Great White’s Dead Whale Dinner Interrupted by Boaters

great white shark
YouTube/Michael Maiale

When a massive great white shark decides that they’d rather chew your boat motor instead of eating a dead whale, you might have an issue.

If you’re out boating and come upon the scene of a rotting dead whale carcass, there’s a good chance that hungry sharks are nearby.

As this group of boaters soon discovered, a massive great white shark was in the area getting ready to feast.

Time to start up the engines and get out of there, I’d say!

As these boaters found out quickly, great white sharks are curious creatures, especially around feeding time. Fortunately, they did the right thing by not provoking this shark and in the end, no one was hurt. This video is another great reminder of how powerful great whites can be and how when faced with them in their own natural surroundings, it’s best to leave them alone.

For those who live more on the adventurous side of things, then you need to check out Great White Adventures, a California-based outfit that specializes in shark diving trips outside of San Francisco. From a quick cage diving day trip to a week-long shark-filled adventure, you won’t have to worry about being bored on that vacation.


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Great White’s Dead Whale Dinner Interrupted by Boaters