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Jaws vs. Jaws: Two Great White Sharks Go Head to Head [VIDEO]

What happens when two of the most lethal animals in the ocean go head to head?

In this video filmed by diver Adam Malski 50 miles off the coast of southern Australia, Jaws and his opponent Jaws Jr. go head to head over an easy meal. A piece of floating bait brought the two predators to the surface, setting off the ferocious battle.

The larger shark, nicknamed “Gilbert,” reportedly survived the encounter. The smaller shark didn’t do so well.

Watch this video from Barcroft TV and

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The great white shark is commonly considered to be the most dangerous and feared animal in the sea, consistently forcing ocean-goers out of the water based solely on fear.

Great whites are said to be the most efficient killers in all of the animal kingdom because of their size, speed, senses, and flesh ripping teeth. They are known for attacking and eating basically whatever they feel like on any given day.

Did he make a mistake in going after one of his own? Did he intentionally attack his own kind? Either way, the bigger shark ruled the day.

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Jaws vs. Jaws: Two Great White Sharks Go Head to Head [VIDEO]