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These Great White Shark Videos Will Freak You Out [VIDEO]

Get ready for Shark Week with this double feature of terrifying great white encounters.

For years, shark expert and filmmaker Jeff Kurr has been looking for the holy grail of sharks: a massive great white dubbed Colossus. Kurr’s most recent attempt to find Colossus is documented in a new program Air Jaws: Fin & Fury, which will kick off Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this Sunday (Aug. 10).

As a lead up to the premier, the Discovery Channel released these two clips that shows some terrifying encounters Kurr’s team had with great whites while filming the show.

In this first clip, Kurr’s team uses a great white shark decoy in an attempt lure Colossus to the surface. One of Kurr’s team members has to lay belly-down on top of the decoy to make manually operate it. The decoy attracts sharks, but let’s just say the team gets more than they bargained for. Take a look.

In this second clip, Kurr’s teammate dives to the ocean floor in a protective enclosure named WASP. He encounters several big male great whites, including one that could be Colossus himself.

More incredible great white shark videos:

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These Great White Shark Videos Will Freak You Out [VIDEO]