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Great White Shark Steals Kayak Fisherman's Catch

Bill Morales via KTLA

Great white shark steals a bite from a kayak fisherman and he filmed it! 

How many times have you pulled a fish up to the boat only to find a larger fish behind it ready to take a chomp out of your catch? That's exactly what happened to a kayak fisherman fishing near Dana Point Harbor when a great white shark steals a snack out of his leopard shark.

Ironically enough, Bill Morales pulled a leopard shark up to his kayak when all of a sudden he was surprised by what was behind it.


Just as he had reeled his leopard shark up a great white shark took a bite out of it. Somehow Morales was able to grab his camera and get the whole thing on film just as the shark chomped his catch.

"I had the camera in one hand and I had the shark in the other hand... I had to move my arm back and forth like a piston so that it wouldn't just pull me over," Morales said.

Morales was able to catch a glimpse of the sharks eye rolling back into its head as it began to thrash back and forth.

When asked if Morales was scared at all he replied, "I have no fear, I have no fear."

The shark was estimated at 300 to 400-pounds and 8 to 10-feet long.

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Great White Shark Steals Kayak Fisherman's Catch