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This Great White Shark Chase Will Unnerve You

Great White Shark chase

This video definitively proves that a great white shark chase is the last thing you want happening under your boat.

A great white shark chase usually does not end well for whatever creature is being pursued. Sometimes the intended prey doesn’t even know it’s on the menu. Out of nowhere comes a wall of razor-sharp teeth and well, I don’t have to tell you what happens once those close on anything alive. Such goes the food chain in our planet’s oceans.

The ease with which the shark glides through the water shows why they are such an effective ocean predator. The closing speed with almost no effort at all is exactly why anything that swims in the ocean fears the great white.

This video was captured by an Emmy award winning underwater cameraman by the name of Charles Maxwell. Using an underwater camera being towed behind his boat, Maxwell caught incredible footage of fur seals and dolphins before the shark came along. Filming off the shores of South Africa, this underwater great white shark chase video is amazing to watch.

Luckily, the only thing damaged in this video was the underwater camera’s casing because those teeth were made to kill.


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This Great White Shark Chase Will Unnerve You