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Cape Cod Beachgoers Save a Hungry Beached Great White [VIDEO]

great white

Here's what happens when a seven-foot great white shark accidentally beaches itself. 

Shark Week may have ended, but this "summer of the shark" is continuing.

It was reported this great white was attempting to snack on some seagulls on the beach when it ended up in a life-threatening predicament.

You have to love the woman who comments "Don't get in the water you guys!" after the shark is pulled back into the ocean. Was anyone seriously planning on it?

The whole incident is certainly an interesting twist to what usually plays out when sharks and humans come into contact on the beach, especially on the East Coast.

I'm actually pretty jealous of the people that were there. It's not often one gets a chance to see the most feared aquatic predator in the world up close like that. Since they were able to tag it, it'll be interesting to see where this shark might show up next.

Hopefully next time it won't be because he was feeding too close to the beach.

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Cape Cod Beachgoers Save a Hungry Beached Great White [VIDEO]