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Great White Shark Checks In Off Georgia Coast

A Great White shark that was tagged by Ocearch on Cape Cod recently checked in near Cumberland Island, Georgia.

I had the pleasure of living in Savannah, Georgia for almost five years, and in that time spent many a summer days crabbing on the docks of Tybee Island with my fellow beach bums. In all of that time there, I never heard of a Great White coming close to the Georgia shore. Sure we had the random Hammerhead sighting or perhaps a Bull shark would pop up in the inter-coastal waterways next to kayakers, but nothing like the famed Great White.

This doesn't keep locals from perpetuating the deadly Georgia coast shark myths to tourists and island visitors, though. In fact, while there have been no shark-related deaths in Georgia -- and only nine recorded bites between 1670 and 2000 -- some folks don't even risk going in the water anymore. This wasn't always the case, but as more and more people begin to populate and visit the coastal areas, more sightings have been reported, thus causing the mass shark hysteria.

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You can imagine then that when Katherine, the tagged Great White in question, was announced to be paying a visit to Cumberland Island recently, the local media lit up. Katherine is a one ton, 14-foot shark who was tagged in August of 2013 in Cape Cod, SavannahNow reported. The image used in this article is a photo from her tagging. Katherine had visited Tybee Island late last year before swimming as far down south as Orlando, so obviously this is an East Coast shark that likes to travel.

Whether or not this means folks in Georgia have another type of shark to keep an eye out for remains to be seen. While the nonprofit Ocearch continues research, we'll just have to assume that they may be out there.

Have you ever encountered a Great White while fishing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Great White Shark Checks In Off Georgia Coast