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Great Trail Camera Video Shows What the Big Boys Do at Night

trail camera

Here’s some great trail camera footage that never gets old. Watching two bruiser bucks fight for dominance is what keeps our blood flowing for the hunt!

One of the best things about trail cameras like, for instance, RECONYX is that they show times, dates, and temperatures. In a year like 2016, when we just had a “supermoon” rut, the bucks were just starting to really get it on in November.

While this video is only another in a long line of great fights, this one has a great quality of sound and picture.

Here’s what it looks like when the big boys fight for the camera lens:

Big thanks to the Gregg Ritz Huntmasters Facebook page for sharing this awesome trail camera video! In this corner: one beautiful 8-point, and in the other, a 10 with an attitude! The best part might be that there was no clear winner, meaning we have to guess and lay down our bets.

The sound of their antlers clashing alone is enough to get us reaching for our rattling horns! One thing I never get tired of is seeing how utterly powerful they are, especially in the legs.

What do you think? Did the 8 win, or the 10?


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Great Trail Camera Video Shows What the Big Boys Do at Night