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Great Lakes Ice Weeks Ahead of Schedule [VIDEO]


It’s been a cold start to 2015…wait, what? Oh, then we’ll have a very white Chr—what do you mean it isn’t even Thanksgiving? Crap, it’s cold!

So cold, in fact that ice formed on Lake Superior Nov. 15, almost a month ahead of schedule. The ice is a result of last season’s cold, a cold summer and an early blast of arctic air.

This is the second year in a row that ice started forming early on the Great Lakes. Last year, ice was visible on Lake Superior on Nov. 25.

Last winter featured the second highest ice coverage on record for the Great Lakes. Also, a record was set on Lake Superior for the longest length of time ice has been visible on the lake—through June 2014.

The following video shows a time lapse of Lake Superior’s ice coverage last winter.

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Several ice fishing enthusiasts have been on Facebook registering excitement at the prospect of ice fishing before Christmas.

With this season’s even earlier arctic blast, we may be celebrating the Fourth of July in parkas and huddling around the fireworks to stay warm… in our ice fishing shanties.

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Great Lakes Ice Weeks Ahead of Schedule [VIDEO]