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Great Lakes Bracing for a Potential Waterspout Outbreak [PICS]


The Great Lakes region could see an outbreak of waterspout sightings this fall.

Forecasters and residents of the northern-most Great Lakes are bracing for what could be an intense waterspout event that may last for some time.

Forecasters are estimating that waterspouts will be likely on all the Great Lakes some time between October 16-20, and possibly beyond.


Warmer waters are responsible for part of the increase in sightings.


Most of the activity for now has been located in the Lake Huron and Lake Superior areas although researchers are predicting the mini "water twisters" in all of the Great Lakes.


There hasn't been such an intensity in sightings since 2003 and even as far back as 1999, but forecasters are still saying that the spike in sightings could potentially last for many days.

Photos via City Lab

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Great Lakes Bracing for a Potential Waterspout Outbreak [PICS]