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Great Gifts for the California Angler

Any one of these 10 gifts will make a West Coast angler’s holiday season.


California might have some of the most diverse fishing in the country, so this is a diverse guide for outfitting an angler from your Christmas budget. With prices that range from $7.00 up to the thousands, and everything from small accessories to boats, there’s something here that will fit your budget.

And if it wasn’t already on their wish list, they’ll know as soon as they open it that their life wasn’t complete without it.

Check out our suggestions for the best gifts for the California angler.

LOON Rigging Foam

Have I talked about this one before? I talk about it a lot, is the thing. At $6.95 the LOON rigging foam may be the once-in-a-lifetime stocking stuffer that outshines everything under the tree. A cheap and elegant solution to a real problem–how to quickly swap out flies.

Lifeproof Lifejacket iPhone Case

Another great stocking stuffer, this floating, safety orange phone case will save you a lot of grief, and probably pay back it’s $20 dollar price tag pretty quickly.

Guided Trip on the Smith River


Northern California’s Smith River is a premier destination for steelhead fishing. Depending on your budget and inclination, you can book a guide, or do a DIY trip and book a few nights in a hotel. It’s a win-win.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Angler

If you’ve got one or more anglers in the family, self included, this may be a good way to go. The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL handles well on any water, despite the name.

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler

Cali’s love sea kayak fishing, I’m told. If you happen to be related to such a person, check out the Trident 13 Angler. Rugged, maneuverable, and spacious, it’s hard to find something to criticize about this boat.

Simm’s Streamtread Sandals

Of everything on this list, this is probably what I’d want most. I’ve been waiting years for a true fine-weather replacement for waders. Simm’s has finally stepped up to fill that gap.

Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD

For sea fisherman, Kokatat offers this rugged combination life and fishing vest. Since a life vest is necessary anyway, I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have this.

Cabela’s Bass Angler Guidewear Jacket

This is the kind of gift whose main virtue is reading the list of features after it’s opened. Between the Gore-Tex fabric and “Articulated joints for easily casting and driving your boat”, this jacket from Cabela’s will be the most talked about gift of the day.

Coldavenger Pro Softshell Half Face Mask

I won’t like, this is on here exclusively because it looks cool. I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to do, with the respirator and everything. Apparently it keeps the air humid and warm. Whether it works or not, the fleece looks cozy.

Ranger Z118C

And in case the bass fisherman were feeling neglected, we added this. The Z118C is a highly regarded small bass boat, though it might have to be two years worth of gifts.

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Great Gifts for the California Angler