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Great Bahamas Spearfishing, Underwater Scenery, and a Swimming Pig [VIDEO]

What the heck does a swimming pig have to do with this?

The Bahamas is probably on a lot of people’s vacation destination lists. The friends in this video clearly had a wonderful time on their trip.

There are lots of fast-paced scenes of outdoor fun on boats, on docks, and in the sea. The footage of spearfishing is just what you’d hope it would be: a variety of different and colorful fish, the occasional shark or two, and plenty of fast action.

The videographer, Cameron Kirkconnell, noted in his text to the video,

Before we left on this trip, a salty guy on the dock told us ‘There are no fish left in the Exumas…’ There are fish everywhere if you know where to look and can get down to them. The guys on this trip had all been diving less than a year and ended the trip hitting 65′ and all speared the fish of their lives. I love the Bahamas!

To answer the question about the pig, I really have no idea. Why there is a pig swimming with the vacationers shall remain a mystery but it is, I think, an awesome and funky little insert that somehow seems right.

It’s the Bahamas and anything goes!

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Great Bahamas Spearfishing, Underwater Scenery, and a Swimming Pig [VIDEO]