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Grayling Fishing and ABBA Music? [VIDEO]

Norwegians sight casting a fish with a giant dorsal fin, set to the music of a Swedish pop band from the disco era. How weird is that?

It’s a little weird. Maybe a lot weird.

But if you can get past the snippets of ABBA music videos, the fishing isn’t bad. 20-inch fish taking flies in akvavit-clear waters? I’m good with that.

Grayling are very cool fish. The ones in this video are the Eurasian variety, different from the Arctic grayling that exist in North America. They are salmonids – related to trout, salmon and char. Imagine a drably-colored rainbow trout, then add the dorsal fin from a sailfish. That’s a grayling.


As for ABBA – not quite as cool in my opinion. I was never a fan, but you have to be impressed by the late Swedish 70s pop group for singing in a language other than their native tongue. They are, after all, one of the top-selling groups of all time.

Me, I’d take more grayling, and less ABBA.


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Grayling Fishing and ABBA Music? [VIDEO]