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Rare Aerial Footage in California Captures Gray Whale Raising Two Calves [VIDEO]

gray whale

A gray whale normally only gives birth to one calf, but this mother seems to have twins.

A gray whale usually only gives birth to one calf at a time, and there have never been any recorded births of twins until possibly now. A mother grey whale was spotted off the coast of Dana Point, California with two young calves swimming next to her.

Captain Dave Anderson of Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari spotted the whales as they swam up the coast line. Amazed at such an amazing and rare sight he quickly grabbed his aerial drone and got it into the air to capture this amazing footage.

After some closer inspection of the video one of the calves looks to be noticeably larger than the other. This is quickly shooting down the possibility that they were, in fact, twins. A more likely scenario is that one of the calves’ mother was killed or abandoned it.

This mother whale must have taken it on as one of her own as they migrate to their yearly feeding grounds in the Arctic Circle.

The nursing of two calves must have have drained the poor mother because they are hundreds of miles behind the thousands of other gray whales who began their migration weeks ago.

This footage is breathtaking and a beautiful sight to see. Hopefully they make a safe trip and the mother can get some well-deserved rest.

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Rare Aerial Footage in California Captures Gray Whale Raising Two Calves [VIDEO]