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Gray Whale and Calf Greet Boaters with an Incredible Encounter [VIDEO]

A gray whale and calf greet boaters, even coming out of the water, to interact in an amazing whale encounter off the coast of Mexico.

When these people signed up for a whale watching tour they were just hoping to get lucky and see a whale off in the distance, little did they know a gray whale and calf would be getting a lot closer than that.

While whale sightings in San Ignacio Lagoon off the coast of Mexico are fairly common, seeing a gray whale and calf as close as this boat gets is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for most any person.

The whale watching in the lagoon is very closely regulated, as this area is a major breeding and nursing ground. The rules of the area, which is also part of a reserve, regulate how close boats can actively get to the whales, as well as how many boats are out on the water.

What makes this video so amazing is that after the boats were turned to idle, the whales took it upon themselves to come over to the boat. Then, when they were getting attention from the boaters, the mother whale actually started lifting her calf up out of the water so that it could be pet by the people.

This kind of animal interaction is amazing for those involved, but as conservationists, we have to remember that these are wild animals and should remain that way. Hopefully these interactions with humans are not messing up their natural cycles.

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Gray Whale and Calf Greet Boaters with an Incredible Encounter [VIDEO]