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Grass Carp Found in a Kansas Drainage Ditch is Shockingly Huge [PICS]

FB/Olathe Police Department

A grass carp found in a Kansas drainage ditch has all the size and shape of something that should have four wheels and an engine.

Kansas City animal control officer Jamie Schmidt was calmly going about her business last week when she received a call about the report of four-foot, 60-pound tanker lying in a drainage ditch in nearby Olathe.


Schmidt figured the caller was most probably embellishing a bit on the size saying, “Well, most men tell ‘fish stories’ and I thought it wasn’t going to be even close to that.”

Shocked by the actual size of the beast, she went on to measure it at around three-and-a-half feet and weighing in at a whopping 60 pounds!

The fish was lying in shallow water after flooding had receded.

Schmidt had to put a plastic bag around the dead whale-carp so she could drag it to her vehicle, where it was loaded by power lift into a kennel, and taken to the incinerator.

The all-state record for grass carp in Kansas on rod and reel is 77.7 pounds, making this one close to the record, but no cigar.

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Grass Carp Found in a Kansas Drainage Ditch is Shockingly Huge [PICS]