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Graphic Video After Man Nearly Loses His Hand in Surprise Shark Attack


This spear fisherman was lucky to get away with his hand after a shark nearly ripped it clean off! Check out how his awesome doctor fixed him up.

This whole incident started while experienced spear fisherman Mike Massey was diving for mutton snapper with his family some 40 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama. After spearing a fish, Mike returned to the surface to wait for the boat to pick up his catch. It is at this point that Mike was blindsided by the shark.

"My first reaction was to immediately pull my hand out of the shark's mouth. It was a shocking situation but I had been in this position before and knew I could not panic," said Mike. "As the boat arrived and pulled me over the side of the gunnel it was a pleasant surprise to not have any of my friends panic... I was very fortunate that everybody kept their cool."

Lucky for Mike, one of the friends he was with just so happened to be a paramedic. Mike was confident that if he could make it to the boat and stay calm, then the bleeding would eventually stop and he would be fine.

Once on board his friends quickly assessed the wound and got him ready for the long ride back to Palm Beach Inlet.

"Only thoughts I truly had was how am I going to explain to my mother that I had gotten bitten by a shark once again," explained Mike.

"I've been fortunate enough to enjoy the sport of free diving for most of my life. Not only on the East Coast and Bahamas but also around the world." say Mike. "I have literally given dozens of fish away to sharks that got aggressive. I can recall several times having close encounters and having to push sharks away with my fins or my spear after they ate my catch."

Judging by Mike's experience free diving I am pretty confident that this incident will not be enough to keep him out of the water. Once his hand is back in ship shape he will be right back out there in no time.

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Graphic Video After Man Nearly Loses His Hand in Surprise Shark Attack