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Graphic Results of Tiger Shark Attack on Hawaii Fisherman [VIDEO]

Tiger sharks are extremely efficient predators and an attack is no joke. Here are the graphic results of a tiger shark attack on a Hawaiian spearfisherman.

Braxton Rocha was spear fishing off the big island of Hawaii when he became the victim of a tiger shark attack. After he punched the shark in the nose, it released him and swam away.

Fortunately, Braxton’s friend Shannon Pasco was nearby. Shannon placed a tourniquet on his leg, loaded him into their truck, and called 911. While being loaded into the ambulance, Braxton shot the video below of his wound with his cell phone.

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic.

At times like this, it really looks like this woman in Tennessee was right on the money with her advice on how to avoid shark attacks.

Rocha was treated at a nearby hospital where he was in surgery for about three hours. Fortunately, doctors say he should make a full recovery from this tiger shark attack.

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Graphic Results of Tiger Shark Attack on Hawaii Fisherman [VIDEO]