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GRAPHIC: Brutal Old School Boar Kill Will Make You Wince

This guy and his dogs just took down a ferocious wild boar using teeth, a long knife, and skill.

Whether you hunt your game with a bow, a rifle, or a blade you have to make your own kill. In fact your weapon of choice may include one of man’s oldest allies: the dog.

When the hunter in this video reached his quarry he knew exactly what to do and within 30 seconds that boar was done for good.

Warning: this is a graphic kill of a wild boar using dogs and a long knife.

With all due respect to butchers and abattoirs everywhere anyone who wants to eat meat should only be allowed to have it if they have at least once in their lives had to: kill it themselves, gut it on the spot, and butcher their own meat.

There’s some question as to if the boar in the video was already shot and wounded due to the blood coming from its mouth, but it’s also possible that the dogs caused the bleeding. In any event it’s pretty obvious that this hunter has killed many of these animals by the skill of the knife placement alone.

He put that blade right in behind the shoulder, which is where every single one of the rest of us strive for in a kill shot, and that big hog went to sleep. Without the dogs I’m not sure if he would have been crazy enough to jump the boar like that, but now that he did there’s a freezer full of boar meat somewhere.



Your Choice: Practice Shooting, Or Become a Wild Boar’s Lunch

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GRAPHIC: Brutal Old School Boar Kill Will Make You Wince