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Graph Says Gun Sales on the Decline, But are They Really? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wall Street Journal infographic
The Wall Street Journal

This Wall Street Journal infographic says that gun sales and ownership are on the decline, but they may be missing some of the story.

The infographic posted by the Wall Street Journal this week does show numbers and statistics supporting their claim that firearm sales are on the decline.

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Upon first glance, this graphic seems to depict an alarming drop in the number of firearms applied for and sold in the last year. But, once you really start thinking about it, the more accurate information may have actually been left out of the picture.

Wall Street Journal Infographic
The Wall Street Journal

What thoughts do you have after looking over the Wall Street Journal Infographic? For me it brings up way more questions than answers.

First of all, what constitutes a household, and what exactly does "reported" mean? I know my household has firearms, but I don't recall "reporting" that to anyone in particular in the last year, so which side of the fence does that put me on?

Secondly, the infographic tells us that sales are down for the three largest domestic firearms makers. One could read that as, 'Not as many people are buying guns,' but with a little more information we could decide any number of meanings. Perhaps smaller gun makers are taking more of the market share, or people are buying more used guns. With the current economic climate, as well as the aftermath of so-called gun and ammo frenzies sparked by tighter legislative proposals, either one of these could be the case.

And finally, they show us that the number of background checks has declined for the first time in a decade. Does this mean that less people are applying for permits, or could it mean that more people are getting their concealed weapons permits, which are excluded from this list, and thus eliminating the need for further background checks?

These are just a few of the questions that must be answered if you actually aim to prove that gun sales and ownership are on the decline. Until all those questions and more are answered, I'm going to assume that gun ownership in America is alive and well.

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Graph Says Gun Sales on the Decline, But are They Really? [INFOGRAPHIC]