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Grant Rilette's Bobber Dogging Rigging Dave's Tangle-Free Weights

Guide Grant Rilette breaks down rigging techniques for bobber dogging and float fishing Oregon's coastal rivers for steelhead.

Grant Rilette is one of the premiere guides for targeting steelhead along the Northern Oregon Coast. He's also been fishing Dave's Tangle Free weights exclusively for several years. Bobber Dogging is one of his favorite techniques for targeting winter steelhead, and in this video, he shares some of the secrets to his rigging techniques that make his days on the water more productive.

Starting with a slip float set up on his mainline, the float is designed to move freely, allowing the weight to make contact with the bottom, but with a bobber stop to adjust the depth of the float so that the presentation is pulled along with the current and constantly moving with the flow of water, and beads above and below the float so that it doesn't stick to, or travel over the bobber stop on the top end, and doesn't mash the float into the swivel on the bottom end.

The new Aero-Float Bobber Doggin' Chubby from Hawken Fishing is specially designed for this tactic

The mainline is tied to a number 7 inline 3-way swivel, with the snap attached to the weight. Rilette likes the number 7 snap swivels because the snap will often fail before the mainline breaks.

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A duolock snap is attached to the tail end of the snap swivel, so that leaders can be easily swapped out. Leaders are tied to a small inline swivel, so that they can be easily attached to the duolock snap. This allows a wide variety of presentations to show the fish in rapidly changing water conditions.

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Rilette adds that for float fishing suspended presentations of bait, jigs, worms, and beads, he uses a similar slip float rigging, in which the mainline is attached to a swivel, which connects to a split ring. The split ring connects to another swivel that the leader is tied to. The weight is also connected to the split ring. The combination of the two inline swivels and the built in swivel on the weight make the movement of the rigging very agile, reducing tangles.

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Grant Rilette's Bobber Dogging Rigging Dave's Tangle-Free Weights