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The Grand Canyon’s Colorado River is the Most Endangered River in America [VIDEO]

The Colorado river, which flows through the Grand Canyon, is #1 on American Rivers most endangered rivers list.

The river, along with the Grand Canyon, face a number of threats. American Rivers is urging American citizens to donate and petition lawmakers to ensure that we follow the advice of Teddy Roosevelt, who said “Leave it as it is. You cannot improve upon it. The ages have been at work on it and man can only mar it.”

Watch the video to learn more.

There are three major threats facing the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

The proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project would place a large development (over 2,000,000 square feet) at the rim of the canyon. The Escalade project would also include a tram from the new development to the floor of the canyon at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers, a sacred area for native tribes. It is estimated that the tram would carry over 10,000 passengers per day to the canyon floor and back.

The Colorado’s tributary streams are threatened by pollution from uranium mines to the north. Proposals have been issued to expand these operations, further endangering the Colorado and its tributaries.

To the south, the town of Tusayan is attempting to gain access to more of the area’s precious ground water supplies. The town is located less than five miles from the Grand Canyon National Park’s southern entrance, and increased ground water extraction could threaten the Colorado’s seeps and springs.

The Grand Canyon National Park belongs to all Americans and it is our duty to protect it from these proposed threats. To learn more about what you can do to help or donate to the cause of saving the Colorado river and preserving the Grand Canyon, visit

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The Grand Canyon’s Colorado River is the Most Endangered River in America [VIDEO]